Evening for Twenty Part II



While Tom and I were out deep sea fishing the morning after our Evening for Twenty, Jaime Alvarez was photographing our home empty of the party. He captures the clean version here of our living room updates alongside his photographs, shown above hanging in white frames. Jaime is a good friend and talented photographer who shows work in Canada, Puerto Rico and throughout the US. I asked him to make pictures of our dinner so that we could catalog some of the details and he went a little farther and made these photographs too, providing a record the space as well. Visit: Jaime Photo to view more of his work.

At least a month ahead of time Tom and I scrambled to achieve the ambitious list of improvements I had hoped to finalize before having friends over. And I think we succeeded, even though our house is always a work in progress. We painted our walls four times before arriving at the right color. We lucked out with an Ikea find, grey hanging pendant lamps modeled after the rustic farmhouse version we had been searching for. We also added a little ambient light by attaching clamp lamps with red spray painted cord and an antique style filament light bulb. Our previously eclectic collection of mismatched chairs were made a little more cohesive by unifying their color and seat cushion pattern. I hand printed our Waba design in a taupe grey color and reupholstered them. For the window treatments I hand printed silhouettes of Fall Leaves, mostly Fig and Oak,  on a pink sheer cotton sateen. I love a bright airy space and wanted to maintain that quality while simultaneously providing a little privacy. I planted Nasturtium seeds three months ago, knowing that it wasn’t the right season, but hoping I could have a little creeper vine to decorate the table. Even without their beautiful red and orange flowers it added a little color to the space.

Thank you, Jaime for making beautiful pictures.