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On Saturday February 16th Tommy and I celebrated Valentine’s for a second time this year and hosted our annual holiday party. Every year it grows a little bit larger and this year our guests were particularly creative. Two of them, Vale Bruck, furniture designer and Amy Young, owner of Leaves of Grass Floral Design brought an inventive game, and others brought delicious and unusual cocktails (Brown Butter Rum with Soda, and Rosemary Grapefruit Gin) as well as tasty bites to add to the selection. The table was packed with red, pink and white, by far the most we have seen for this party to date. Madeleine Eiche designed the invite for the second year in a row and we missed having her as a guest!  The menu for this party was long so here are a few highlights: watermelon radish garnished the Charcuterie and Cheese board with pickled beets and red onion, Shrimp Chips, Candy Hearts, Almond Cupcakes with Berry Frosting, Summer Rolls with Spicy Isan Dipping Sauce, Truffle Popcorn, Soft home made Pretzels with White Cheddar Beer Fondue + + + We decorated with Boutique hand screened, reusable cocktail napkins and a pink hand painted stripe table runner. So much fun in February!