Winter 2015


Cheers to a happy and healthy 2015! As those of us in colder climates hunker down and clutch every opportunity to stay warm, there is a bright side to be found in even the simplest of pleasures. On this wintery wonderland of a day we are thinking of favorite dinners and inventive lunches to keep the body warm, healthy and toasty while dabbing the corners of our happy mouths with Painted Stripes studio napkins. There is a lot of love to be had for a good smoked salmon, this one is tandoori spiced. Serve with roasted heirloom carrots and perhaps a side of lentils and your tummy is sure to thank you. And soup in a jar is a quick go-to lunch these days, and its just so pretty all organized in layers: slivered scallion, black wild rice (cooked), diced kumamoto tomato, a handful of baby kale and chard, a dollop of coconut milk and sprouted legumes. Just pour hot water over the top and mix in a favorite soup base – a personal favorite is spicy Tom Yum paste. Double yum.