Our Diner en Noir


If you are unfamiliar with the annual “happening” titled Diner en Noir you can read more about it here. To briefly describe the concept, this is a dinner in an undisclosed location. Attendees are required to dress in all black and bring a table, chairs and decorations for their own table in black with pops of one color, teal was a the chosen color for 2015. I get excited about hosting dinner and planning a themed party so I immediately purchased tickets with a group of friends and started planning. I took Noir to heart and designed our tablescape to have lots of black and neutral pops of teal. For each guest I hand printed black Boutique brand napkins, watercolored and printed menu cards, designed and cooked a menu that would reflect the evenings theme. For our teal color pop I used berry boxes, the menu was watercolored to match. Each berry box housed a napkin and black pepper parmesan biscuit. I had so much fun creating a menu with black food as inspiration: Blackened Pork Belly on masa cake with black plum, radish and cilantro, Caviar Crisp with a dollop of chive créma on toasted black rye topped with Sturgeon caviar, Squid Ink Pasta Salad with kumamoto tomato, torn herbs a drizzle of olive oil and lemon juice and Herb Crusted Pork Loin with blackberry-ginger-mint compote were a few favorites! And we finished the entree off with Black Mission Fig Financier steeped in Turkish-coffee créme anglaise. On the day of the event we had an enormous amount of rain and opted to make the best of it at home. We were impressed to see that some attendees did brave the weather which only adds to our anticipation to try again next year, with another opportunity to go extravagant planning our outdoor Diner en Noir!